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Experiential photoshoot for women

"Each of us is unique. Those who don't see their beauty or try to be someone else lose their magic that helps us live a life of love for life and ourselves and achieve all our goals."

Personal approach

Each photo shoot is tailored to each of you. You can request a photo shoot where I capture your best self, or a stylized artistic photo shoot where you try out the role of a model. I focus on your needs - do you want an experience, improve self-confidence or a moment for yourself?

Boost of self-confidence

Whether we like us or not, each of us sometimes needs to improve our self-esteem. Our overall mood and self-love can affect our daily joy, happiness and success.


Photoshooting for women is experiential photography. This means that I emphasize the whole experience from planning to shooting and receiving the photos. The goal is to treat you to a beautiful time just for yourself, when you will feel special, as you deserve.

Professional work

I have been working in the industry since 2011. I accept orders just enough to be able to do my job as well as possible and to be able to treat you to great photography.

What can you look forward to?

Fotografka Barbora Kovářová
Custom photo shoot directly for you. We will call and discuss the options.


Do you want to try the role of a model or capture your best self?




Come and enjoy a day as a model. We will agree on the type of photo shoot in which we will style you. You will try out different types of expressions and receive photos of a woman with several faces in several outfits.


Your best self

Feel like a goddess and let yourself be pampered. From professional make-up that highlights your strengths,  after a photo shoot that captures a happy confident woman, your best self. You will try natural posing and, above all, lots of smiles.

Examples from the "Model" photo shoot

Examples from "Your Best Self" photoshoots

Zážitkové focení pro ženy v Praze - focení s květinami ateliéru

Experiential photo shoot for women includes

Introductory call, consultation (appearance, photo shoot location), professional make-up (approx. 1 h with a make-up artist), 2 h photo shoot, 20 photos  included in the price, own selection within 7 days of the photo shoot, sending modifiedphotographs

within 7 days of your choice.

Price of a service

 is CZK 6 499. Each additional photo costs CZK 200.

How does the collaboration work?


Fill out the contact form and I will contact you back within 3 days.


We'll agree on everything and I'll send you an invoice, a contract and tips for taking pictures.


After the make-up at your home, we will meet on the agreed day and time and we will be together for about 2 hours.


I will send you photos of your choice within 7 days.


After your selection, I will send you edited photos within 7 days.

Why choose me as your photographer?


I studied Photography at Michael High School in Prague. I learned to photograph people, but also events, products and, among other things, architecture.


I have been involved in photography since 2011. During these 11 years, I have worked with several dozen individuals, families and companies.


The satisfaction of my clients comes first for me. I always do my work responsibly and try to achieve the best results.


"Bára has photographed us several times and we have always been completely satisfied with both Bára's approach and the photos themselves. We appreciate the fact that Bára does not pressure us into anything, she respects our wishes and we can agree on everything with her. That's why even those who don't enjoy taking photos can feel comfortable :)

Barbora S.

Do you want to experience an exceptional photo shoot? Then this service is for you!

Do you just need a few new photos and want to fully prepare for the photo shoot yourself?


Give the gift of an experience

Give a unique experience and eternal capture of beautiful memories to your mother, sister, friend or even grandchildren. Thanks to new photos, you will brighten the smiles of your loved ones and give them not only a pleasant time for themselves. A photo shoot voucher is a great gift for any occasion and can be purchased at full value. It is available in printed form with an envelope, or electronically via e-mail. The voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of payment.

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