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My photographic journey is long and at the same time different every year. Check out my experience.


One day I decided to buy a camera and take pictures of people. With the money I saved, I bought my first camera at the age of 14 - a Nikon D90. Wow! I drove to get it from Česká Třebová to Pardubice and just nodded at the salesman who showed me the camera and explained that it was only in English. I took pictures of my friends and learned the technique. I was so excited about photography that I went to Prague to study photography at a secondary art school. 

I quickly looked around in Prague and started receiving interesting job offers. I photographed self-portraits, writers for publishing houses, election campaigns, concerts, portraits, couples and families, as well as exercises for school. There we learned to photograph absolutely everything under any conditions.


In 2015, dancing joined my interests. I started dancing social dances in high school. Kizomba was soon joined by salsa, bachata, forró and zouk. I suddenly had the majority of customers for photo shoots from the dance world, both dance instructors and their students and various dance festivals.

Photographing dancers is one of my favorites, often as an artistic portrait. The dancer Saška Sedláková approached me several times and we always worked in a different environment for a different purpose. Since she is engaged in several dances, the work with her has always been varied. Photographing dancers is definitely something I see potential and my future in.


In 2016, I flew to Brazil alone for the first time and enrolled in Charles University in Prague to study Portuguese. I started to move quickly in the Portuguese-Brazilian world and offers came to photograph events for Brazilian companies and various other events that required a Portuguese-speaking photographer. 

The next year I spent nine weeks in Brazil. I traveled with a small backpack across the country by bus, I visited nature and cities, rich and poor parts - favelas. In 2019, I flew to the Amazon for three weeks, and in 2020, as a student of Ibero-American studies, I was accepted for a semester at two Brazilian universities (due to covid, I was forced to interrupt my stays). I had photos from Brazil at two exhibitions and my stories were told at three lectures.